b'JULY 2020THE VOICE OF ONE CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS,Visit Us Online!VOLUME 31, ISSUE 11 DECLARING THE SOON RETURN OF THE SON OF GOD BOCNEWS.comB C N COLORADO videos, expanded contentody ofhristewsupdates, full print editionCOMPLIMENTARY CELEBRATING30YEARSSERVING COMMUNITIES IN: DENVER, AURORA MONTBELLO, BOULDER, COLORADO SPRINGS & PUEBLOJesus Saved Me, A Testimonyby Sheila Smith and be saved from a life of sin.Robin,Ghosttakesoverandstarts W eallknowthestoryofthesinfulnow in her 60s, shares her testimony ofconvictingyoubutdoesnot womanwhokneltatJesusfeethaving been on crack, being an alcoholic,condemn you.weeping.She then used her hair to wipebeaten, abused and raped until she wasItwasanoverwhelmingchangethat away his tear-drenched feet. delivered and saved by the Holy Spirit. took over, Robin says, as she began to Robin Thompson Watts of Denver wasGod is real.God is not a figure of ourchange her like that woman as she too cried manyimagination, testifies Robin.God takes Robin Watts days and nights for Jesus to embrace herawayyourdesiresandthentheHolyCONTINUE READING on PAGE 11'