b'PIMP . continued from page 2not let you touch her. 7 Now return theamockeryoftherighteousnessof mans wife, for he is a prophet, andAbraham.We are sharing it to make a he will pray for you and you will live.mockery of ourselves, you and I, when But if you do not return her, you maywe decide to judge and to cast out of be sure that you and all who belong tothe will of God anyone we have decided you will die. is out of order.The above scriptures 8EarlythenextmorningAbimelekdonotcondonewhatAbrahamdid. summoned all his officials, and whenHowever, they do remind us that Gods he told them all that had happened,plans,Godswaysarenotourways. theywereverymuchafraid.9ThenThey are often antithetical to our con-Abimelek called Abraham in and said,cepts of right and wrong.Whathaveyoudonetous?HowI believe that is why we have been haveIwrongedyouthatyouhavetold by God to eat of the Tree of Life brought such great guilt upon me andand not from the tree of the knowl-my kingdom? You have done things toedge of good and evil.We simply do me that should never be done. 10 Andnot know enough about the nature of Abimelek asked Abraham, What wasGod to determine the appropriateness your reason for doing this? of Gods actions.11Abraham replied, I said to myself,So, I say to the pimps of the world, There is surely no fear of God in thisthe Abrams and the Abrahams of the place, and they will kill me because ofworld, that while your actions are not my wife. 12And when God had meyielding the best of Gods will available wander from my fathers household, ItoyouYouareingoodcompany. said to her, This is how you can showYou may receive forgiveness and resto-yourlovetome:Everywherewego,ration from God, just like Abraham.say of me, He is my brother. just like any of us.WearenotsharingthistomakeYOU ARE IN GOOD COMPANYMrs. Diane Johnson Mrs. KatherineMr. Robert Clark, Jr.Hearon63, Denver 75, Denver 9/14/55-2/5/1995, Denver 7/11/43-2/12/19Ms. Stella Jones4/17/23-2/11/19 Services were held atGraveside Service73, DenverTaylor Mortuary DenverServices were held atwas held at Fairmount11/22/45-2/23/19 Chapel Progressive COGIC CemeteryServices were held at Campbell Chapel AMEMs. Annie Clay Mrs. Elisha White- Mr. Sam PorterSmith98, Aurora 94, Denver9/18/20-2/2/1940, Aurora 7/31/24-2/18/1912/17/78-2/7/19 Final Services wereServices were held atMr. Kerryck Summersheld in Indianola, MS Services were held atGreater Union Baptist Taylor Mortuary DenverChurch 33, DenverChapel 1/17/85-2/20/19 Mr. Marcus Brannon Elder John Pernell Mr. Daniel Wiley Services were held at Friendship Baptist 28, Aurora 81, Denver 48, Denver Church of Christ Jesus5/28/90-2/5/197/21/37-2/14/198/4/70-2/1/19 Private Services wereServices were held atMemorial Service was held Antioch COGIC held at Rising Star MBCMr. Robert Green, Sr.Ms. Sierra Hilliard Mr. Curtis Johnson Mrs. Barbara65, AuroraEdmond-Dorsett 12/13/53-2/1/1930, Denver 40, Centennial Private Services were 2/2/89-2/13/193/14/78-2/16/1972, Denver heldServices were held atFinal Services were11/14/46-2/2/19 Taylor Mortuary Denverheld in Mansfield, TXChapel Services were held at Taylor Mortuary Denver ChapelMrs. Deborah Warner Mrs. Thyra Gustafson Ms. Linda Shells-Jusu66, Aurora 8/9/52-2/3/19 101, Watertown, SD 3/10/17-2/4/1972, Denver 9/13/46-2/14/19Private Services were held Private Services were held Private Services were heldBODY OF CHRIST NEWS APRIL 2019 9'