b'HEALTHDo We Really Have to Exercise?Knowyenotthattheywhichruninaracerunissues. I know people who consider exercise as theis sit still for about 4 hours daily. Even going out to all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye maylast thing they want to do. Perhaps they may look atwalk during the lunch hour may help.obtain. And every man that striveth for the masteryit as something that is just notHerearesomepotential is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain agoing to fit into their schedule.healthissuesthatcanarise corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible There are some things you canfrom being sedentary: anxiety,I Corinthians 9: 24 & 25 beordoandtheymightnot depression, hypertension, heart beharmful.Beingsedentarydisease of various types, diabe-By Byron E. Conner, M.D. is never going to do you good!tes, cholesterol disorders, obe-Itispossibletobesedentarysityasnotedabove,dementia because you choose to be. Let\'sand impairment of brain func-H ave you ever gone to a physician\'s office for aface it, just sitting all day cantion,osteoporosis(thinningof routine appointment and your doctor told yoube a habit we can just get usedthebones),cancerssuchas a suggestion andgave you a course of action thatto.Iknewafriendofminebreastandcoloncancerand you really did not want to hear? In fact you mightwhoretiredandIsawhimaothers. This represents a lot of have even felt a little put out by what your doctorfew months later. I asked himpotential suffering.suggested to you!what he was doing since retire- Thealternativeistojustgo Believe it or not, if you are a physician, you mightmentandhisresponsewas:out and walk 30 minutes daily, spendasignificantamountoftimemakingsug- "Nothing!"Believeitornot,or exercise atleast 150 min-gestions to people about things they need to do todoing "nothing" can be deadly utes weekly. Do some strength promote good health and well-being. Sometimes theAsedentarylifestyleisthetraining, that is lifting weights. advice is welcome and well received, and at times itissue. A person living a seden- There are numerous gyms you may not be a welcome suggestion. For an example, Itarylifestyledoeslittleornocangotoandyoucanfind have suggested to people that they quit smoking andphysical activity. They may dopeoplewhocantrainyouto I have heard these words: "Well Doc, you have got tothings like sitting or lying down,work out.die of something!"reading,socializing,watching The problem is the person I was talking to had notelevision, playing video gamesDr. ConnerConsider some health benefits from intention at that time of quitting smoking. It did notorusingamobilephoneorexercise:matter what the rationale might be. I am sure thatcomputermuchofthetime.Weight controlyou are not surprised that there are many other sug- Evenchildrencanbesedentary,insteadof"going Reduced risk of heart diseasegestions you have to make such as cutting down onoutside to play" like my mother used to tell me to do! drinking, losing weight, or getting more exercise. AllA sedentary lifestyle can contribute to ill health and Help for your body to manage blood sugar and of these things and more, take at time some majorpreventable causes of even premature death. insulin levelslifestyle changes and some major changes in habits. One of the most prominent results of just doing Help you to quit smokingSincethisarticleisaboutexercise,andchoos- nothingandbeingsedentaryisobesityorbeing Improve your mental health and mood,ing not to exercise, we are going to address thoseoverweight. Obesity is one of the leading causes of preventable death worldwide and all you have to do Strengthen your bones and muscles Reduce your risk of some cancers Reduce your risk of fallsA sedentary lifestyle is the issue. A person living a sedentary lifestyle Improve your sleepdoes little or no physical activity. They may do things like sitting or lying Improveyoursexualhealth-helperectiledys-functionfor men and sexual arousal for womendown, reading, socializing, watching television, playing video games or Increase your chance of living longer / betterusing a mobile phone or computer much of the time. Next month we will have more discussion on exer-cise. May God bless our efforts.FEELINGS . continued from page 4 like the golden calf, they have created a offeringsalvationbyentertainingtheafter we preach to others, we will notnew Jesus that they FEEL comfortableEVENT CALENDARwith. The path really hasn\'t changed, flesh instead of CRUCIFYING it. be disqualified from the prize, to loveit has just taken on a new appearance So,IwentbeforetheLordandIoneanotherenoughtotellthemthethat offers salvation down the FEELS GOOD ROAD.askedHim,saying."Lord,howisittruth, to defend the faith at all costsApproximately60%ofChristianRevivalpossibletopreachYourWord,healandtoexposethefruitlessdeedsofmarriagesfailindivorce.Whathap-thesickandbrokenheartedinYourdarkness." pened? They thought that they lovedAPRIL 5Fri. 7pm. Issues of Name, proclaim freedom for the pris- The Lord said, "Now Michael, if youeachother.Wasitloveorlustthat oners, give sight to the blind, releasecome out from among the world, followLife Church Ministries Presents: theoppressed,andtoproclaimtheMy teachings and commands, and theonly lasted for a while. Is it possibleRevival - "HE RESTORETH MY year of the Lord\'s favor, without beingtrue teachings of My origional apostles,forsomeonetothinkthattheylove and know the Lord, but in reality, theySOUL"psalm23:3Revivalist noticed?HowcanIpreachandsingand if you preach the truth, the peopledon\'t? The Word teaches that if we con- SuffraganBishopRobertE. sothatthepeoplewillseeYou,andwillseeMe,andnotyou.Theywillfess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord notme?AfterallLord,whenDavidbehealedandsetfree,notbyyourMartin.Jr.fromZionTemple. andbelieveinourHEARTthatGod played the harp, the demons scattered.powerandmight,butbythepowerraised him from the dead, we shall beLocation:3880ElmStreet WhenPeterpreachedtheWord,andoftheHolySpiritandbyMyblood.saved. Can the heart truly be deceiv- Denver. 80207 for more info call healed the sick and the broken, peopleYou will experience the true gifts and thought that he was the Messiah. Peteranointing of the Holy Spirit. However,ing?Youbetterbelieveit,especially(720) 251-4442did not hold back, neither did the littleIf you change My grace, contradict Myif that someone has not yet come out shepherd boy when it came to defend- Word, teach with wrong motives for thefrom among the idolatry of this world.ing the faith and praising You Lord!" sake of dishonest gain, promote yourIambyfarfrombeingaperfectGospel ConcertThe Lord spoke to my heart, throughmusic, compromise My Word to pleaseChristian. I sin just like everyone else. I struggle with idolatry and I still find HisWord,saying,"Michael,whatthe people just to stay popular, thenmyself wondering around in the desert.APRIL6Sat,anafternoon wereMyapostlesTEACHINGandthe people will only hear about someThe good news is that I\'m starting toofWorship,PraisingandSong PREACHINGwhiletheywereraisingother Jesus, but they will not see Me. thedead,healingthesickandwin- They will not truly enter into My pres- seeit,andnowwillingtoturnfromat4pm-6pm.22ndAnnual ningsouls?"Iansweredandsaid,encebecausetheyarenottrulymyit.The point is that many church goersGospelConcertfeat.localtal-"Lord, they were teaching about Yourdisciples. It\'s only by this gospel thatare NOT seeing it! entsTheme:"GlorifytheLord true grace, and how not to abuse it.you are saved, if you hold firmly to the Is it possible to think that you love the Lord, yet in reality, you are onlyinMusic"attheChurchofthe They were preaching about Your SoonWord I preached to you, otherwise you Coming, rebuking the greedy, warninghave believed in vain." loving the benefits? Should we try toHolyRedeemer2552Williams professing believers to come out fromNo question, there are way to manywarn church goers that they are beingSt.Denver.80205Presented among the world filled with idolatry, tochurchgoersouttheretoday,intheled right over a cliff?! Are church goersbyColoradoStateAssociation feed the poor and to look after those insame condition that I was, who thinkin these very last days to far gone to PRISON, to turn from sin and repent,thattheyhaveleftthislostworldseethetruesavinggraceofJesusofColoredWomen\'sClubs, toremainWATCHFUL,towakeup,behind,onlytofindachurchfilledChrist, or have they fallen in love withInc.Proceedssupportsour tobereadytoleavethisworldinawithidolatry.Thesadthingis,theysome other Jesus that does not save? Scholarship fund. moments notice, to be carefull so thatnow have a real good cover up. JustUntilnexttime,JesusisComing Soon! Are you going to be ready?!8 APRIL 2019 BOCNEWS.com'