b'POLITICSTriumph Over Tragedy or Triumph Alongside it?MypastortoldmelongagothatI did not bury my sonthat I planted him. And from planting him came the efforts of all of the work that you see me accomplish around the stateBishop Acen PhiliphsBy Senator Rhonda FieldsS ome people say that I was called into politics in the wake of my son Javadsmurderin2005,ashooting thatalsokilledhisfiance,Vivian Wolfeandledtothedeath-penal-tyconvictionsofSirMarioOwens andRobertRay.However,mycall-ing supersedes a position or title. In truetransparencyafterthedeath of my beloved, God called me out of depression, guilt, and hopelessness. IRhonda Fieldsremember it like it was yesterday, he told me to get out of bed and standscarsleftbehindarepermanente, on stand on his promise,Daughtertherestispoliticalgrandstanding. of God, stand on my word and I willRegardlessofthedecisionmadeby bring forth Justice he said. republicansordemocrats,Itsnot I never owned a gun, I didnt per- goingtochangewhoIam,howor sonally know any judges or police offi- when I trust God. I will continue to cers, I was a single mother, I trustedstandontheRockofGibraltar,for God to get my children through high- Godismystrengthandmymight, schoolandCollege.ItrustedGodwhom shall I fear. Ive already been toputfoodonthetable,andafterdamaged by the trauma of the mur-his death I had to trust God to solveders,andnothingcanseparateme the crime, and obtain Justice for myfromtheloveofchrist,nothingcan Son! After seven consecutive years ofseparate me from where God is taking multipletrialstheywereconvictedme. Ill be vocal,Ill be honest, and Ill forthehorrificmurdersofJavadspeakfrom the heart.marshallFields,VivianWolfe,andIthinktheimportantthingisto Gregory Vann, the received the high- remember the victims of these horrific estpunishmentavailable.Itrustedmass shootings.We are coming upon God, I trusted the process, and I trustthe anniversary of the parkland and theverdictthatwasrendered.Thencolumbineshootings,duringthese God appointed me to an elected posi- times survivors are more likely to be tion, to represent his truth, power andtriggeredandexperiencedepression, unfailing love. anxiety and isolation.Please take the Morerecentlyournewlyelectedtime to pray for the survivors of mass GovernorPolisdeclaredhewouldshootingsduringthistimeandspe-commutethesentencesoftheindi- cifically ask that God would be with vidualsresponsiblewhocommittedthemduringtheirtimeofmourning massmurderinColorado.Intheand replace their ashes with a crown midst of the conversation people haveofGlorythatallmayexperiencehis questioned my stance on capital pun- everlasting love, joy, and hope. Isaiah ishment.No matter what the outcome61:3 To all who mourn in Israel, he isregardingtherepealofthedeathwill give a crown of beauty for ashes, a penalty, its not going to change whojoyous blessing instead of mourning, I am as a christian woman, a mom,festivepraiseinsteadofdespair.In or elected official. Javads death wastheir righteousness, they will be like theultimatesacrifice,Ivebeentogreat oaks that the LORD has planted thebottomandseentheveryworstfor his own glory.of humankind- The murder, and the 6 APRIL 2019 BOCNEWS.com'