b'ADVERTISEMENTBuilding for TomorrowBy Rev. Steven C. DewberryT he Metropolitan Urban Challenge, Inc. where I serve as President/CEOisblessedtoannouncethe opening of our office. On April 19, at 10 a.m. we will cut the ribbon on ournewofficelocatedintheZion Learning Center, 914 East 24th Ave, Denver. In the Feb issue of the Body ofChristweannouncedthecre-ation of the Black Church Economic Development Council BCEDC. Im excited that our initial staff are meeting with area African American pastors so they can strength to the developmentoftheBCEDC.Itwill be important that our clergy leaders jointhiseffortinamovethatwillSteven C. Dewberrygive our African American business-persons new resources and avenues to grow. The Black Church EconomicWe can become the best customers Development Council will give busi- ofthemanybusinesseswithinour nessdreamersanopportunitytochurch community. If they grow we realizetheirbusinessdreams.Wegrow.arecurrentlymeetingwithchurchWe are honored to have the assis-businessmenandwomengivingtanceoftheOfficeforEconomic them an orientation to the BCEDC.Development of the city and county We want them to know we are avail- ofDenver,ColoradoandtheOffice abletoaidthemintheirquesttoofEconomicDevelopmentofthe build their businesses. state of Colorado working with us as On May 31stand June 1st theweprepareforthisimportantcon-MetropolitanUrbanChallengewillference.Registrationforbothdays hostourBuildingforTomorrowwill be $75 which include the lun-conference in the Family Life Centercheons on both days, resource mate-oftheNewHopeBaptistChurchrials and professional presentations. 3701ColoradoBlvd.Ourinvit- More information will be announced edguestincludesMayorMichaelduring the months of April and May. Hancock.CityCouncilmanAlbusThere will be a business exhibit hall Brooks,ReverendDr.Eugeneduring this vital conference directed Downing,ReverendDr.JamesD.atthelifeandgrowthofAfrican Peters, Jr., the Reverend Dr. FrankAmericanbusinesses.Invitations M.Davis,Dr.NitaMosleyTyler,will be mailed out in two weeks. If ReverendTimothyTyler,Sharonyouareinterestedinparticipating Simpson, Happy Haynes and manyinthisimportantconferencecall notable African American clergy andtheMetropolitanUrbanChallenge AfricanAmericanlaity.Itistimeoffice at (720) 809-6961. Its time to for the Black Church to rise to thisinspire a new day in the life of the occasion. We must and can give ourBlack Church business community. businessmen and women a hand up.Lets do this.14 APRIL 2019 BOCNEWS.com'