b'SCRIPTURE REALESTATEGod has closed the Door What happens at a Home Inspection?By Sister Carrie By Kathy Casey, ABR, CNEG od has closed the Doorhe home buying process in a nutshell: Obtain on2018andHehasT mortgage preapproval, search for your dream opentheDoorsto2019,home.Winthebiddingwar.However,before remember God\'s word, theyou move your furniture into your new property, doorheshut\'snomanyou have one more major step to take: The home can open, and the door heinspection.open\'s no man can shut! It\'s simply a way to assess a property\'s safety Godsaidintheyearofand long-term viability and to help you budget for 2019, He wants his peoplehome repairs in the future. A good inspector will to call on Him. In the bookalso show you how to maintain the home. Pointingwalk you through any defects they find. of Jeremiah 33:3, you willout features such as water shut-off valves, how to find that Jeremiah was in prison and God spoke tochange the furnace filters, etc. Never forego an inspection.It is probably the him telling him to "Call unto me, and I will answermostcrucialstepofthehomebuyingprocess. thee,andshowtheegreatandmightythings,Here\'stheinsandoutsofhomeinspections:Licensing is not required for inspectors in Colorado which thou knows not."Whatisit:Ahomeinspectionisanindepen- so make sure you have an inspector with lots of God wants to show us great and mighty things.dent, third-party evaluation of a home\'s systems,experience. Also confirm that they are insured. The How many prison were you locked up in in 2018?structure and features. The inspector will look forhome inspection is designed to protect you, your the prison of worries, the prison of un-forgiveness,potential problems or deficiencies on the property.family and your investment.Its not worth skip-the prison of unbelief etc. Whatever had you inDo you need it: A proper inspection ensures theping this step just to save a little cash. bondage God said leave it in 2018 the door is shut.home is a safe and good long-term investment. If you have buying or selling real estate ques-God has open the door to 2019 remember God\'sWhen does it happen: Home inspections gener- tions, we have answers.Proudly serving Colorado word the door he open\'s no man can shut. ally occur within 10 days of the seller acceptingfor over 20 years. www.therealestateladies.comIn the book of Revelation 3:8, God tell\'s us " Iyour offer. This gives you the opportunity to with-know thy works: behold, I have set before thee andraw your offer, should there be any major issues open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hastwith the property.a little strength, and haste kept my word, and hastWhatiscovered:AhomeinspectionincludesKathyCasey,ABR,CNE,CertifiedMilitary not denied my name". God want his people to callthe roof, foundation, insulation, appliances, HVACSpecialist, Realtor, Residential Brokerage Denver upon him, he wants to show us Great and Mightysystems, plumbing, electrical systems and more. Central Office - 600 Grant Street, Suite900 | Denver, things jer. 33:3.CO 80203 - O: 303-320-5733| M: 303-359-0579 God said the prison\'s you saw in 2018 you willYour involvement: Though not required, it is inE: kathymyrealtor@msn.com not see again. Stay in the Court of God, Break outyour best interest to be there. The inspector canwww.therealestateladies.comof your Prisons!OPINION EDITORIALNO on Denver Initiative 300By Dr. Syl Morgan-Smtih toimplementingabetterandmoreArmyandotherorganizationsthat comprehensive plan to reduce Denverexist to serve the homeless and hungry homelessness and hunger.Lets usepopulation.W e, the voters of Denver, will voteDenvers talent and treasure to devel- Theseprovidershavereleaseda forMayor,CityAuditor,Cityopbetterprogramsandprojectstostatement to let voters know that they Councilmembers and other key issuesaddress the human needs of the home- areconcernedthatthepassageof onMay7,2019.Ontheballotareless and hungry in our midst.Why notInitiative300willlowertheprevail-proposals that require extra attentionuse the abundant supply of availableingstandardofhumanwelfarein duetomisleadingortrickywording.insight and information to reduce theourcommunitypotentiallyreducing OneofthemisInitiative300,whichneedforhelp,includingthepossibletheexpectationofneedmetbyour asks Denver voters to approve a pro- use of marijuana tax dollars?I do nothumanserviceorganizations,com-posal that would allow people to campclaimtohavealltheanswers,butImunitymembersandgovernment. inDenverParksandotherpublicam certain that collectively we do haveInstead the focus will be sheer physical spacesbutprovidesnorealsupportthe brain-power and skills to do bet- survival in outdoor spaces that are not forourbrothersandsistersexperi- terthaninstitutionalizinglifeonthesuitableforhumanhabitation.This encinghomelessness.Thewordsinstreets.I call for government, citizensminimal concept of survival provided Initiative 300 appear to be caring andandnon-profitstocometogethertoby the initiative offers little to improve generous,butwhencarefullyread,findabetterwaytohelpthehome- the welfare or security of the unshel-itiscrystalclearthatInitiative300sitive, inhumane and outright insanelessandhungry.Wemustincorpo- tered homeless community in Denver. isnothingbutafeelgoodidea,toattempttofoolDenvervotersintorate all the resources available at theIndividuals experiencing homelessness authorizeaBand-Aidsolutiontoaapproving ineffective and risky policy.federal,state,andcitylevelsifwewill remain susceptible to volatility of life-threatening high-risk problem thatI compare the Initiative 300 approachare sincere about a long-term plan tolife on the streetsexposed to extreme impacts all of us. toseeingacoldandhungrypersontacklehomelessness,unemployment,climate,violence,injury,exploitation, Please join me and many others byshivering outside in a blizzard staringand hunger in Denver.No, we cantand even death. There are more nar-voting NO vote on Initiative 300. Theat me through a restaurant window asforce everyone to accept decent hous- rowly tailored policy alternatives that ballot language reads: I enjoy warmth and food, and then Iing or genuine help for their circum- wouldprotectindividualsexperienc-ShallthevotersoftheCityandreact by telling my waiter to give themstance, but we can provide homes anding homelessness from discrimination, CountyofDenveradoptameasureagoodcupofhotcoffee.So,yes,Iother assistance to persons that needenhance their trust of law enforcement that secures and enforces basic rightsasked the waiter to deliver the coffeeand want help as a hand-up and notandserviceproviders,andreduce for all people within the jurisdiction ofand add it to my bill, but then I con- justahand-out.Permanentafford- interactionswiththecriminaljustice the City and County of Denver, includ- tinuedtoenjoymydeliciousmealofable housing and sustainable help forsystem.ing the right to rest and shelter oneselfcatfish,greens,macaroni&cheese,those in need must be our goal.I agree with these established experts. from the elements in a non-obstructivefollowed by a big bowl or peach cobblerWe must be willing as humans andThe homeless community and service mannerinoutdoorpublicspaces;totopped with a scoop of my favorite iceGod-servingpeopletoprovidefund- providersneedmoreresourcesand eat, share accept or give free food incream.Yes, I did give the cold shiver- ing or support for affordable housing,Denver city government ought to lead anypublicspacewherefoodisnoting hungry person a cup of hot coffeeshelters,outreachservices,mentalthe way on solutions for the health and prohibited; to occupy ones own legallyfor warmth and to fight dehydration,healthcounselingorjobtrainingforsafety of the entire community includ-parkedmotorvehicle,oroccupyabut can I truthfully say that the coffeepeople experiencing homelessness. Weingthehomeless,ill,hungry,and legally parked motor vehicle belongingwas the most and best I could do? Wemust do more than give access to ourunemployed in our city.Initiative 300 toanother,withtheownerspermis- all know the shameful answer is NO.open spaces for unregulated use thatis a bad choice for Denver.I urge all sion; and to have a right and expecta- While none of us would probably takeallowspeopletocampindefinitelyinDenver voters to vote NO on initiative tion of privacy and safety of or in onesthe stranger home with us, we can alland around Denver parks, sidewalks,300 in May 2019.Its the right thing to person and property? agreethatweshouldandcantakeand alleys. Many homeless service pro- do for ALL the people of Denver.The very thought of closing the doorstime to do more for the needy in ourviders in Denver have expressed their on our brothers and sisters and insist- community.Whatifweneededthatconcerns, including: Catholic CharitiesDr.SylMorgan-Smith,Denver ing they live outdoors or in cars is asame help?ofDenver,ColoradoCoalitionfortheVoter,Founder&President, disgraceanddisregardforthevalueUsingthislogic,IamaskingmyHomeless,DenverRescueMission,Colorado Gospel Music Academy & oflife,humandignityandpersonalelected officials and community lead- TheGatheringPlace,VolunteersofHall of Famesafety.Initiative 300 is a cruel, insen- erstogivemorethoughtandtimeAmerica, Urban Peaks, The Salvation 12 APRIL 2019 BOCNEWS.com'