8 BOCNEWS.com FEBRUARY 2018 Keys to Fulfillment Iwant to share with you some things that will help us to have daily fulfillment this year. They are keys to daily fulfillment—things that will give you daily fulfillment. Everything in life operates on keys. The word key is the word principle. So, there are principles in life. Any life without principle would be like a floating paper on a moving ocean, just being blown everywhere. You need some keys in your life. Keys to Daily Fulfillment So, I want to suggest to you some important keys to reaching your goals. 1. Make the Word of God the Priority of Your Day The first thing you must learn is to make the Word of God the priority of your day. Can I get an ‘amen’ to that? Make the Word of God the priority of your day, of your life each day. Now what do I mean by that? You must not just have the head knowledge of the Bible, but you must have the heart knowledge of the Word. Let your heart keep His word; keep the word of God in your heart. How? By repeating it in your mouth. By repeating it in your mouth. The song, Oh Lord my God when I in awesome wonder consider all the worlds Thy hands have made. How did you remember? You’ve been sing- ing it over and over again. That is called medita- tion; that is what Biblical meditation is. Meditation is not that you keep quiet—that’s yoga. Meditation means you keep repeating it in your mouth. That’s what it means. It’s chewing, chewing. He said, “The word must not depart from your mouth.” You meditate on it by keep repeating it. The same way you eat physical food is the way you eat spiritual food—with your mouth. Now if you begin to sing something that can be transcribed into words, by the time you finish the songs you know, the words of those songs will be more than the words in the Bible. And the reason you don’t know you know so much is because you don’t feel it. Now think about singing the Word of God. Just make a melody. It doesn’t have to be so good. After all you are singing not to nobody, but to the Lord. But you will remember it. “He that dwell- eth in the secret place of the Most High, Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge.’” You see? You will begin to sing it. “‘…and my fortress. My God in Him will I trust.’” Psalm 91. Make the word of God not just head knowledge, but heart knowledge. Psalm 119:11 (NKJV): 11 Your word I have hidden in my heart, That I might not sin against You. I hid it. When the Word of God is top on your priority, you will see clearly how God wants you to see things and not how the enemy wants you to see it, or how not your feelings want you to see it. You see, your perception of life in this coming year will determine your action that will in turn determine your achievement. Your perception of life in the year 2018 will determine your actions. If you see life as a war—guess what—you’ll be fighting. If you see life as war, you’ll be fighting—for every little thing you’ll be fighting. See yourself as a conqueror. You are more than what? Conquerors. Not just a conqueror. See yourself as a winner. Regardless of what is coming, realize that at the end of the day you already won. Long life and prosperity will be yours when you see things from God’s lens. Where others are seeing mountains and they are seeing problems, the Lord will be showing you solutions and ways of escape. “It’s not possible!” God will say, “It’s possible. Don’t join them.” Nothing is impossible to him that believes. When you begin to see as God sees, before long you will begin to have the wisdom, and you won’t come empty handed. Things that are dif- ficult for others, you will just find easy for you. 2. Set a Goal Big Enough to Help and Include Other People To be fulfilled this year, num- ber one, what did I say? Make the Word of God priority in your life. Number two: set a goal big enough to help and include other people. God knows that I don’t set goals for myself alone—it’s too late for me to do that. You are important in life to the degree of the other lives you beautify, not other lives you destroy. Your importance to life and even to heaven is determined by how many other lives you beautify. Your impor- tance in life is determined to the degree of other people’s lives that you better. Don’t think about me, me, me and myself. A friend of mine in Ghana this week had a birth- day, and he said, “Wish me and myself happy birth- day.” So, I wrote back to him, “Happy birthday to both you and yourself.” I mean, he was just joking, but that was his birth- day. He knows me, that I always say, “Don’t just be only three people in the room: I, me and myself.” Let your vision, let your goal be, who am I going to help this year? Who am I going to be a blessing to this year? Who am I going to lift up this year? It’s not people that you exchange with; because he gives you pounded yam you give him pizza. That’s exchange. People that can never repay you, at least not in the immediate, that’s who we are talking about, because they could repay you in the future. Remember that? You know they can repay you in the future. It may not be ten years from now; it may SCRIPTURE By Bishop-Elect Rev. Dr. Ade Ajala Ade Ajala 1. Todd Dulaney - Your Great Name 2. Wow Gospel 2018 3. Marvin Sapp - Close 4. Troy Sneed - Taking It Back 5. Travis Greene - Crossover 6. Angella Christie - Intimate Conversdations 7. Isabel Davis - The Call 8. Williams Brothers - Timeless 9. Earnest Pugh - Survive 10 Tye Tribbett - The Bloody Win Your perception of life in the year 2018 will determine your actions. If you see life as a war — guess what —you’ll be fighting. Continued on Page 9