7 FEBRUARY 2018 BODY OF CHRIST NEWS I bless the name of the Lord and His grace upon my life that He put me under the ministry of Bishop-Elect Rev. Dr. Adekunle Ajala. Bishop-Elect Reverend Dr. Adekunle Ajala, is an anointed and dedicated man of God who would stop at nothing to see those in his ministry excel. He has demonstrated severally that he has the gift of success and excellence upon him that he passionately pursues to impact all that are close to him, in and out of ministry. My personal experience with this man of God has been of phenomenal growth spiritually through his exposition of the word of God and its application to life, living and ministry. Through Bishop-Elect Rev. Dr. Ade Ajala, my husband, children and I were inspired to succeed in life, and under his ministry, our children are doing well in their career choices. He encouraged the entire church to pursue academic excellence as a tool to achieve better career status and this translated to my obtaining my degree in Nursing and to the glory of God, today I am a nurse graduate and continue to strive higher. The only school that no one graduates from is the school of discipleship and through the years, Bishop-Elect Rev. Dr. Ade Ajala continues to teach the word of God and expose his flock to world experiences through travels evidenced by taking the entire church on a cruise sometime ago, and encouraging those who can, to go with him on his overseas travels. He encourages all members of his flock to be avid readers to broaden their horizon saying that great leaders are avid readers, and by this he encouraged the entire church to read through the bible from Genesis to Revelation at least once a year, I completed my reading December 15th, 2017. He equipped me with leadership qualities that has helped in successful leadership of both the KCCC women and prayer ministries and continues to support the growth of both ministries. He is indeed a man of God sent by God to mankind. The lives he comes across he impacts with progress, success, and desire to continue to seek to know God more by having a personal relationship with Him. Bishop-Elect Rev. Dr. Ade Ajala is my pastor and father in the Lord, and I believe he is the Abraham of our times as in Genesis 12:1-3 where God told Abraham to leave his country, his family and father’s home with promises of blessings and increase. Abraham obeyed, and he is still relevant today. So is Bishop-Elect Rev. Dr. Ade Ajala, my Pastor, father in the Lord, mentor, teacher and counselor. He is ably supported by his beautiful and loving wife Pastor Dr Adeola Ajala. Remain blessed. Jehn-ai Jackson Jehn-ai Jackson is a Denver native. She has been a funeral professional in this community for over twenty-five years with Caldwell-Kirk Mortuary. After heading the call to serve in funer- al service, she attended and gradu- ated with a degree from Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service in Decatur, GA. Currently, she is an active mem- ber of several professional organiza- tions, including the Colorado Funeral Directors Association (CFDA) where she is President Elect for 2018. Jehn- ai Jackson is the first Black female to serve as President in the organizations history. She is following in the footsteps of William H. Kirk and Elvin R. Caldwell, Jr. who both served on the board of the Colorado Funeral Directors Association, Mr. Caldwell as a Past President. "I have a desire to serve families during a time when things seem dark and profound. The feeling I get when I'm able to help them get from beginning to end, is incredible." As President of CFDA my goal is to follow the BluePrint 2020 Initiative; to continue to work with Department of Reglatory Agencies (DORA) and the Colorado State Legislature to assist Funeral Professional in Colorado. When Jehn-ai is not working, she enjoys traveling (visiting local cemeter- ies and funeral homes during the trip is a treat), spending time with family and friends, catching up on the latest movies, and most recently Ballroom Dancing lessons. 2018 CFDA Board of Directors: Stacey Kleinman, CMSP; Jessica Moratto, CMSP; Edward Halouska, CMSP; Jehn-ai Jackson; Ronna Adams, CFD. (Not shown: Adam Findley, CFD- CET; Ervin Maltbie, CFD; Kevin Wood, CMSP) PROFILE