5 FEBRUARY 2018 BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Three generations came of out Egypt, led by The Spirit of the Lord, the Power of God, and by the Hand of God. Today, three Generations; Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers are snared by the same delusion, “Almost SEX”. The narratives have not changed much, if any at all. Three generations are still Perfidious [willfully Ignorant – 2 Peter 3:5 amp]. Consider, Aaron made for the three generations, an Alter of Molten Gold and the people laughed, mocked, and made sport. The people were naked, and ashamed. They rose up to play. [Exodus 32:4, 6, 25] The Bible allows believer’s to do case studies on poor behav- ior patterns as to avoid them. The Bible allows us also to do case studies on believers with an excellent spirit: a.) Judah & Tamar [GEN.28:1- 26] b.) David & Bathsheba [2 SAM.11:1-17] c.) Samson & Delilah [Judges 16:6-18] Then there is Joseph, who ran from the “Almost SEX” oppor- tunity, he counted the cost, and deter- mined the price to be too high. [Proverbs 23:23] Bannered Host Ministries, a Youth Mentorship Program, opens our 6th Season on March 24, 2018 with an Open House - “Get to Know Us” event. Come see for yourself, the inspi- rational motiva- tion of the program, meet our staff of professionals, examine the curriculum, mea- sure its value. * Purity Program -Teaching Your Children Biblical Truth – [John 8:31-32, 51] and how to identify and avoid the snares of “Almost SEX”,* Financial Training * College & Career Training * Fitness, & Health, *Self Defense & Truth about Drugs for a $30 registra- tion fee. Classes are held one Saturday per month: April – August: 0930 -4:00pm culmi- nating with a Commitment/ Graduation ceremony in September. Fruit, snacks and beverages are provided through- out the day in addition to a well- rounded lunch. To our Mothers & Fathers, Bannered Host understands the “puberty talk” is reserved for you, we do not cross the line in allowing you the parent the bonding moments of discussing why their bodies are changing. Bannered Host desires to sup- port you with your children to understand self-esteem issues as their bodies are changing and their peers are teasing. Emotions are being shaped as children become attractive targets. Denver Colorado has changed the word “play”, to recreation- al marijuana and recreational Viagra. Denver is identified any- where from #4 - #6 in the nation for Sex Trafficking according to FBI. The wolves are now dressed in wolves clothing; gate- way drugs, criminal activity in our schools, jail, the twins- murder & death, sexting, sto- len Love, and addiction to vain imagination [ Romans 1:21 ]; 750,000 teenagers get pregnant per year… Jeremiah 28:15 “They Have Trusted in the Lie” SAVE THE DATE: MARCH 24TH 2018 @ 10:00 am. ages 10-16 THE SUMMIT EVENT CENTER 411 Sable Blvd Aurora Colorado 80112 (exit 225 @ 6th Ave – 3 blocks East. Next Door to the Motor Vehicle Office) Armored for Youth ADVERTISEMENT By Pastor Mike Spivey