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9APRIL 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Who Is The New Master of Professional Sports Every Sunday Pastor Mike Spivey tackles the WORD OF GOD in the pulpit. When watching College Professional Football. He also tackles the consistent miss reporting of CTE and its ongoing negative impact on the lives and futures athletes in all professional sports such as hockey soccer boxing and the new cage match fights. All of these sports are accompanied by a silent killer so often overlooked and ignored for the Love of Money and the trills of a 3.3 year career in the NFL. For the love of the games like gladiators athletes trade Health and Risk Injury for 4 of the revenue dollars generated by the sport. The glamour the fame and the money combined with all short lived benefits motivates college professional athletes boys girls women and men to trade mental health and physical health for 60 seconds of coverage on ESPN. Who is the new master in professional sports His name is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy his street name is C.T.E. His job description kill steal destroy. Professional sports such as NFL football soccer hockey players have suffered and died from the long term effects of head injuries. The two hour movie CONCUSSION released back in December 2015 starred actor Will Smith focused on the discovery of CTE and the NFLs actions to sweep it under the rug Discoveries made by Forensic Pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu. The News show Night Line presented an eye opening representation of CTE from the book LEAGUE OF DENIAL by author Mark Fainaru which makes plain the resistance to sharing the Truth. Todays reporting and disclosure of the systemic problems such as tragedies loose of life Mike Wagner Junior Seau Dave Duerson and loose of dignity Earl Campbell Mohammad Ali com- bined with class action lawsuits filed by former star Athletes Tony Dorsett Harry Carson and many others remain silent as revenues from Professional Footballs Fantasy football generates 70 Billion Dollars according to Forbes magazine this does not include actual revenues generated by the NFL SHIELD which includes as many as 7 additional revenue streams combined with the NCAA College football total revenues from ticket sales cable T.V. product sales and the reality is plan to see. You need only look at The NFLs NCAA s Gladiators Elephant Grave Yard. Pastor Spivey recalls first playing football back in the 8th grade and wearing suspension helmets and being knocked in the head numerous times by Line Backer Jimmy Garrett head shots were legal then. He still went on to play football in high school college and profes- sionally in the NFL. While playing for University of Colorado in a game against Nebraska during a very violent tackle against Nebraskas running back Tough Tony Davis Pastor Mike recalls both players sustained Major Concussions in which Spivey lost his vision and was blind for 2 days and was taken back to Boulder Colorado to recover but played the following Saturday. Exactly two years later in Lincoln Neb. Colorado Linebacker Tom Perry sustained multiple Concussions resulting in head trauma so severe Colorado Medical Team Doctors performed an emer- gency procedure after the game in the stadium dressing room the Doctors drilled a hole into Tom Perrys skull to save his Life. Today Tom Perry has a Brilliant Academic Mind he Survived by the grace of GOD his Walk through the Valley of the Shadows of Death and the infamous Gladiators Elephant Grave Yard. However consider the years of emotion- al recovery and rebuilding Tom Perry endured demonstrating courage. Since then Medical Teams Doctors Staff have improved they have made tremen- dous medical and scientific advances. CTE takes on multiple layers and manifests itself in different ways. Mike Davis Pastor Spiveys College room- mate played 11 years as an NFL Safety with multiple collisions with running backs Walter Payton Chuck Muncie and Franco Harris they were over- sized tight ends and full backs. The results were total loss of hearing due to spinal pres- sure related compressed disc and nerves. Al Davis Raiders Owner paid for the surgery to restore Mikes Hearing and quality of Life some of the owners do have a real heart beat The NFL is knowledgeable of what has been going on. Committees have formed to study evaluate conditions safety improvements. However for the NFL Players its Business First. A business that generates Billions in revenue Tax exempt. CONCUSSIONS Equates to sustained head inju- ries which can later produce Dementia CTE or form of ALS so understand the financial impact football has on our society. Pastor Spivey remains concerned over the perspective 2016 draft choices and the NFL still dismissing seriousness of head injuries during games. Pastor Spivey admits that his own son played football briefly for two years in High School However he pushed him to focus more on his academics than the sport. He still ministers to old friends who played football and prays with them. They talk about their state of mind health and what the future holds for them. They Ask The Lord for Help For Wisdom Strength. I have made a man every whit whole I pray this promise for many. Pastor Spivey quotes from John 723 KJV The symptoms of this disease is hidden and not often diagnosed. People need to know its a progres- sive deterioration and thats what makes it danger- ous Pastor Spivey is the head pastor at Compass Christian Fellowship located at 12130 Canterberry Pkwy in Parker Colo. Sunday services are at 1030 a.m. By Pastor Mike Spivey He Survived by the grace of GOD his Walk through the Valley of the Shadows of Death and the infamous Gladiators Elephant Grave Yard. HEALTH