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5APRIL 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS Whether therefore ye eat or drink or whatsoever ye do do all to the glory of God . I Corinthians 1031 If you were a health care worker employed working in an emergency room you would find that some of the things you see you would find very disturb- ing. This might include people injured in accidents and needing care as in a level one trauma center or children or expectant mothers who are acutely ill. I have spent many hours working in a hospital emer- gency room and now I would like to mention two ill- nesses that would actually make you lie awake when you go off duty trying to get some sleep. The two ill- nesses are strokes and heart attacks among others. These two health conditions are related and under the setting of what we call cardiovascular disease. People may die of a stroke or heart attack even before they get to the emergency room or they may succumb in the first year after the acute illness. Following a heart attack for your information 1 in 4 women will die in the first year compared to 1 in 5 men. These diseases strike both men and women and at times we seem to forget this or are just not aware. However the other events that may happen is an aftermath of disability and suffering that is just painful to witness. A stroke can cause such things as paralysis of an arm and leg inability to speak or even understand what people are saying to you. There may be visual loss and inability to swallow food and drink. You might not recover well from such conditions and you might be permanently disabled even at a relatively young age. A heart attack can cause such damage to your heart that you might suffer permanent loss of your hearts ability to pump blood as it should and you might have a condition called heart failure where fluid builds up in your lungs and legs and even other parts of your body. You might also be prone to abnormalities of your heart rhythm that can cause sudden death. For both of these conditions you might need a caretaker and this is usually a spouse or other close family member or a friend. This is certainly not a situation any one would want to go through. Believe me I will say whatever I need to say to prevent some one from going through such an illness. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for all adults in the Untied States. African Americans are more likely to be affected than others. One rea- son for this is that this popula- tion has the highest rate of high blood pressure of all population groups and the may develop it earlier in life than others. In the US stroke is the fifth lead- ing cause of death. Compared to whites African Americans are nearly twice as likely to have a first stroke. It should be noted that the highest death rates due to stroke are in the south- eastern United States in an area we call the stroke belt. The states involved are Alabama Arkansas Georgia Indiana Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee and Virginia. The question we need to ask ourselves is what can we do about this besides calling 911 if we get acutely ill There is a better and more fruitful way to approach these potentially devastating health issues and that is prevention and reducing our risk factors. One key thing to keep in mind is that the things we can do to lessen our risk of stroke and heart attack are amazingly simple-this is not rocket sci- ence believe me We should be thankful for that. These risk factors are things that are pre- ventable and controllable. Here are the major risk factors Physical Inactivity-That means living a sedentary life- style. Far too many people I have met just hate any type of exercise. Just remember sit- ting can be deadly. Obesity-It may at times seem awkward to talk about but this is a major risk factor and it is controllable. High Cholesterol-It takes of course a blood test to deter- mine this. High blood pressure-You cant usually feel it but you can still have it. Only a measurement will tell you for sure. Cigarette smoking-This means that a person must quit and not just cut down. This is truly a deadly habit. Diabetes- This is something else that can be con- trolled and it must be. Controlling these risk factors can reduce your risk of heart attack of stroke by more than 80. There are of course some things we are not able to control such as some things we might inherit in our family but we cant choose our parents What we need to do is work on the risk factors noted. We need to be especially vigilant if we know someone in our fam- ily has even one of these risk factors and has had a stroke or a heart attack. Remember it is important to speak with your medical provider about how you can reduce your risk. Get everything checked that you need to get checked. Please talk with your doc- tor. It is important to take action prior to getting sick and prevention is the key. I hope this advice will help you to live longer and better and pass this information along to a loved one. May God bless you and keep you. Reducing Your Risk Dr. Conner By Byron E. Conner M.D. HEALTH Heart disease is the leading cause of death for all adults in the Untied States. African Americans are more likely to be affected than others. One reason for this is that this population has the highest rate of high blood pressure of all population groups and the may develop it earlier in life than others. 1. VIRGUE - FEARLESS 2. JONATHAN NELSON - FEARLESS 3. CHRISTON GRAY - THE GLORY ALBUM 4. DAVID NICOLE BINION - TAKE HEART 5. SEVEN CURTIS CHAPMEN - WORSHIP BELIEVE 6. TIM ROGERS - CHURCHIN 7. TASHA COBBS - ONE PLACE LIVE 8. ANTHONY BROWN - EVERYDAY JESUS 9. REGINA BELLE - THE DAY LIFE BEGAN 10 JONATHAN BUTLER - FREE