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17APRIL 2016BODY OF CHRIST NEWS CHURCH NEWS SufferThe ChildrenTo ComeTo MeJesus position about children is they too have a place when it comes to Him. Although the scrip- ture suggests the character of which adults should come unto Him in dependency and humility of need as a child to a parent it also indicates Jesus receives children unto himself. Since bible days women have desired to birth children for various reasons. Sarah being passed conception age laughed at the promise given to Abraham by God to be the father of many nations. Hanna desired a child and sought God to remove the absence of infertility and bless her womb in return she promised she would return or dedicate the child back to God. God heard the handmaidens request and granted a manifestation of a man child in which she named Samuel. Keeping her vow she gave the child back to God after being weaned leaving him with the priest to serve God. Although today we do not leave our children with the priest it is customary to dedicate our children to God for protection and as a promise to raise the child under the admonition of sound doctrine and teach- ings of Christ our Savior. Parents are the responsible agent under the laws of God in training up a child in the way he should go and when he grows old he shall not depart from it. Parents that are members of a church and attend faithfully normally will dedi- cate the child within weeks to a couple of months after birth. Others may have unknown reasons for longer time lines however the importance is not the length of time in which the dedication took place but in the validity of the dedication occurrence. The same is true for how children are conceived. Suffer the children to come unto me may be seen as an invitation from the Savior for all children to be dedi- cated to Him. Women today are faced with more challenges in the desire to have families. Here are some statistics from Yale University and the United States Bureau of Statistics supporting the challenges faced among women today For every woman there is a shortage of 12 percent of men according to a recent Yale study 42 percent of African-American women have yet to be married compared to only 23 percent of white women there are now more women of color focusing on college and career rather than family until later in life. With a greater reason for being unmarried or simply a shortage of available men in the African American community women who desire to have children seek proven scientific methods in advance technology to start a family. Among these are adop- tion surrogacy and artificial insemination. Jesus Himself did not come through the natural conception process between man and woman but was conceived by insemi- nation by the Holy Spirit into Marys womb. He too was dedicated as cus- tomary back to God and later seen to be about His Fathers business when disconnected from Mary and Joseph dur- ing a customary visit to Jerusalem. Recently Evangelist Temple COGIC Denver CO provided a place of dedication for a young career driven woman to dedicate her son now 3 years of age back to the Lord who choose an available avenue where the desire of her heart and petition to God would be manifested. While it is not in the authority of Evangelist Temple COGIC Denver CO to validate the position of the National COGIC whose authority would be rendered by the Presiding Bishop Charles Blake and the General Board we are about our Fathers business suffering little children to come unto Him. And hope make not ashamed because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us. House of Joy Closing Its Daycare Doors It was just last year the House of Joy Miracle Deliverance Church celebrated 50 years as a ministry within the Denver community. Now they celebrate another milestone of having educated hundreds of children over the years at their Kingdom Learning Daycare Center that will be closing down. The church plans to celebrate Carolyn Beechum for her 30 years of service in overseeing the Kingdom Learning Center and steadfast dedication said Apostle Ralph Beechum leader of the church. This year we are closing the Kingdom Learning Center down and wanted to honor her many years of service and the many children in the community that have been blessed and progressed and leaders that were birthed out of the Kingdom Learning Daycare Apostle Beechum added. There has been so much said and what people dont know. She has gone out of her way. She has never received a salary. She has done this truly out of the love of her heart for these kids. So many people have turned their backs turned their heads some walked away and owed her money. Some not even coming back to say thank you. Apostle Beechum is proud of his wife Carolyn Beechums long time devotion to the daycare learning center and he referenced the scriptures. Like it says in Proverbs 272 Let someone else praise you and not your own mouth. The Kingdom Learning Center is not closing down because of any financial hardships or anything like that he stated. We simply want to commend her for her years of service. And we want Denver to know we have Lady Carolyn Beechums back. A citywide luncheon will be held to honor Carolyn Beechum from 1230 to 300 p.m. on April 16 at the Afrik Mall 10108 E. Colfax Ave. The cost will be 20. For further information contact the church at 303-388- 9060. Its ironic and amazing how God will put something in your heart. He put a desire in me and I loved teaching said Carolyn Beechum. At age eight she would line her dolls up and have her pencil and point at the black- board as if she was teaching them. We saw in this community an opportu- nity to make a difference for the children. We found that we could be a blessing not only through learning but nutrition. Had some of the best food at the Kingdom Learning Center. Kids would go home and say Mom that sure was some good food. she shared on why the daycare learning center came about because of a vision Apostle Beechum had. The daycare learning center facility will not be sold itself. Instead the church will utilize it for ministries to help the commu- nity including summer programs vaca- tion bible school and others programs. The community is encouraged to come out and share their love Carolyn Beechum and all that she has done in helping shape the minds of young children and begins another chapter in her life. COMMUNITY The church plans to celebrate Carolyn Beechum for her 30 years of service in overseeing the Kingdom Learning Center. Carolyn Beechum Lashae Stiggers and her son Josiah from last months article on artificial insemination Jesus Himself did not come through the natural conception. SUNDAY APRIL 24th